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We supply a full range of window types from industry leading manufacturers. We offer a complete range of styles, including casement, sliding sash, tilt and turn, Bay Windows, Skylights as well as secondary double glazing. We can supply in a comprehensive range of colours and materials including PVC, Aluminium and Timber.

We partner with a comprehensive but not exhaustive list of systems manufacturers including Rehau, Smart, Liniar, Origin, Schuco, Comar and Heritage.

Increase the value of your home and reduce your carbon footprint with energy-efficient glazing. Stay protected from the elements with our range of the latest products that keep the noise out and the heat in. Make your windows and doors more energy efficient, reducing your energy bills and lowering your carbon footprint.

The benefits of energy efficient windows include:

A more comfortable home
Energy efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows and means fewer draughts and cold spots.

Peace and quiet
Not only do they keep the heat in, but energy efficient windows also insulate your home against external noise. The introduction of acoustic glazing will also help to reduce external noise.

Reduced condensation
Energy efficient glazing reduces condensation build up on the inside of windows.

Energy efficient window materials
Energy efficient windows come in a range of frame materials and styles. The energy performance of a window depends on how well these materials stop heat from passing through, as well as how much sunlight travels through the glass and how little air can leak around the window.

BFRC Energy Ratings “U-values”

The energy performance of a window is influenced by a wide range of factors, so it’s not easy to choose a window by looking at how it’s made.

Window manufacturers can show the energy efficiency of their products using an energy-rating scale from A++ to E. The entire window (the frame and the glass) is assessed to allow for heat loss, draughts and solar gain, giving a rating that indicates the overall impact of fitting that window in your home.

Windows that have an energy rating will have the ‘u-value’ of the window displayed on the energy label, and you may see u-values quoted for windows without a label.

The value is a measure of how easily heat passes through a material, but it is not a complete measure of how efficient a window is. The overall label rating will give you a better indication of the window’s energy saving potential.


Windows in conservation areas
and period properties

If you live in a conservation area, there may be restrictions on what you can do to your windows. These areas are of special architectural or historic interest, meaning that any work you carry out on your home must preserve or enhance the character of the area. This does not necessarily mean you cannot replace your windows, but it might mean you will need to get windows that complement the character of the building and area. Janus can offer many styles to complement any period properties.

Aluminium Windows

It is the aluminium windows, their symmetry and placement that mark a house of distinctive design.

Aluminium window frames are recognised for their elegant casing and slim sightlines. They are the right choice for homes of contemporary design where minimalism needs to dominate. The ultimate choice when you require expansive windows and panoramic views of the outside world, or equally at home in a quaint cottage or a suburban home.

• durability
• easy maintenance
• strength
• impact resistant.
• water resistant
• light weight
• energy saving
• elegant lines

In designing your windows we work closely with suppliers and choose the best products for your home, considering:
• thermal technology
• secure locking mechanisms
• the range of colours and finishes
• ongoing technology research and development

Our aluminium window designs, customised for your house style and plans, offer either externally or internally beaded casements.

And for the more discerning designer:
• horizontally sliding windows
• vertical sliding windows
• pivot
• tilt and turn
• top swing fully reversible


From front to back doors, UPVC Doors, Composite, French Doors, Patio Doors, PVC or Aluminium Bifolds, we offer a comprehensive range of doors using all materials.

Composite doors are renowned for their strength and security due to a 48mm laminated thick solid timber core door design making the comprehensive range of doors the natural choice for home security.

The composite door range offers over 85 designs, nineteen different colours and a comprehensive range of security systems and hardware will suit the tastes of any homeowner and the style of any home

Comprising 17 laminations, unlike many foam filled composite doors the timber layers create a solid and secure warp resistant door. The moisture vapour barrier is also highly resistant to bowing and warping.

Aluminium Doors

With aesthetic performance and security at the heart of our design process, our door systems deliver long-life, low-maintenance performance. Incorporating the latest thermal barrier technology, each door also provides great energy efficiency – giving you lower energy costs for years to come.

Colours & Finishes

With an unrivalled range of colour and finish options, our aluminium doors will provide inspiration for all types of properties. From contemporary urban homes to traditional country cottages, we have the perfect colour to suit every project in any location.

Low-maintenance aluminium doors

Where uPVC or wooden doors may expand and contract in certain weather, aluminium frames avoid this problem completely. Resistant to warping or flexing, even in the worst weather conditions, aluminium doors avoid time-consuming or costly maintenance. Along with security and energy‑efficient thermal breaks and modern weathertight seals aluminium products make for the perfect product to enhance any home.


Your home will not feel like a home if it doesn’t feel secure. That’s why we’ve made sure all of our doors comply or can exceed the latest security standards (including PAS 24, Part Q and Secured By Design). All our doors come with the best performing locks, hinges and cylinders. Combine these superior features with extremely strong aluminium frames and you have a door system where security is second to none.


If your requirements include specialist glazing products, we can also help.

Curtain Walling
Flat Roof Lights and Roof Lanterns
Fire Resistant Windows
Triple Glazing
Sound Proof Windows
Blast resistant windows and doors

Curtain Walling

A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, utilized only to keep the weather out and the occupants in.. When glass is used as the curtain wall, an advantage is that natural light can penetrate deeper within the building. The curtain wall façade does not carry any structural load from the building other than its own dead load weight therefore both aluminium and PVC systems can be used. A curtain wall is designed to resist air and water infiltration, absorb sway induced by wind and seismic forces acting on the building, withstand wind loads, and support its own weight. Performance Complies with Doc. L for thermal transmittance.

Smart Shopline – Designed for typical ground floor treatments and severe duty doors.

Special features Various sightline options to head, midrail and cill detail. The systems benefits from Anti finger-trap stiles, concealed transom closers and Doc. M compliant thresholds to make it the perfect product for any shop or office entrance. The Shopline can accommodate all Smarts windows and horizontal sliders.

SC Frame is suitable for low to medium rise façades including large shopfronts and showrooms, where ease of installing large panes of glass is a pre-requisite. Special features Constructed in ladder frames in the factory allowing rapid on-site installation. Dual colours are available with slimline profile width of 55mm. SC accepts the follow Smart systems: Intruder, Alitherm, Visoline and Slide Windows and Doors.

MC Wall is an appropriate system for small and large multi-storey office buildings. Mullion and transom depths to suit design construction and structural requirements. Sloped glazing is possible, straight and slightly facet-shaped vertical glass walls. Like the Sister system SC, MC is also available in dual colour and also uses the slimline 55mm profile width. MC accommodates all Smarts windows, doors and horizontal sliders.

Roof Lights & Lanterns

BFRC Energy Ratings “U-values”

Roof Lanterns and Roof Lights provide the latest thermal technology with modern minimalist design. As lighting is one of the best ways to transform the look and feel of a living area either a lantern or roof light will provide the perfect option.

The glass area of our flat roof lanterns is maximised with slim line profiles creating a light, airy feel. With a traditional pitch the system incorporates both double and tripled glazed units and our standard thermal-breaks ensure that the rooflights deliver optimal thermal performance and enhanced energy efficiency. The rooflight system is the perfect match for new home builds and extensions for either a contemporary or modern design.

Custom made roof lights are effective and stylish, making them the ideal daylighting solution for any new contemporary extension. Designed to maximise both thermal performance and light ingress, we offer an innovative range for any refurbishment or extension.

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